Origin is Blooming


jc1Greetings From Origin! Have you been noticing the energy around you picking up speed. As the tender green tips of new buds and leaves emerge from winter and the first blooms of spring arrive one can actually feel the rhythm  of the world picking up speed. And as if a flower itself, Origin is starting to come to life and blossom.

Two weeks ago Origin took the stage to celebrate not only our debut as a new act, but specifically to celebrate the birthdays of two extraordinary women, Elise Morris and Jen Samson. With Negara at our side and sharing the stage with Grace of Deviant Dance and the sizzling Znama, it was quite a debut.

jen4cheryl31We received so much support, it was truly amazing and gratifying.We also heard great feedback as well as some surprise, as we hadn’t really formally announced anything to our friends and fellow dancers. Truly, it was not to hold a secret or keep any of you from our news. It was unfolding moment to moment with no actual plans. We were truly at the whimsy of nature!

jen2After that night we decided we really wanted to work on some other ideas so Origin is going to stick around for a while. Our test-drive felt so deeply satisfying. It is also with great pleasure and pride that Cheryl Brous has decided to come along for the fun and dance with us. A triplet has so much to offer, but the balance of Four opens the door for even greater possibilities. 

Cheryl Brous

Cheryl Brous

We look forward to the opportunity to entertain you so watch for us and help spread the word!

Peace Through Music,


Jen Mayfield-Shafer, Jen “Zen” Ziegler, Michele Gila, Cheryl Brous

Photos by Mark Wheeler & Doug Shafer



  1. Miriam said,


  2. Diana Kirkpatrick said,

    I was at your beautiful debut and I couldn’t be more proud of all of you! I’m excited to see Cheryl share this wonderful experience with you. I can’t wait for the next gig! Please keep me informed. I will be sure to spread the news to all my friends!! Kisses!! …. Diana

  3. Lisa Wiser said,

    I can’t think of a more graceful quartet of dancers! So sorry I missed the debut but will look forward to seeing your next act. Michelle….I am so happy to be back “in step” with the women, rhythm and energy of the dance! Thanks so much for carrying on and sharing your teaching, space and love with all of us!
    xoxo and happy March!
    Lisa Wiser

  4. Chelsea said,

    I am so excited for you guys. I am glad you are out performing. And I am looking forward to come and see you perform.


  5. Bianca said,

    Wow, what a surprise! Congrats to all.

  6. Barbara Abernathy said,

    Wonderful news! I’m so glad to hear that you are all performing together. So sorry I couldn’t come to your surprise debut, but I will be there at your next performance. Cheryl’s coaching has been great for the Dalai Mamas. We appreciate her so much!

    I knew that all of you couldn’t stay away from the stage for much longer!

    Let a thousand (dance) flowers bloom!


  7. Eva said,

    :’) tear and

  8. Siobhan said,

    You all look like lovely precious peas in a pod and look forward to reconnecting with you all when we get back to Portland sometime Spring xoxo

  9. paulette said,

    How exciting for you lovely women and dancers!
    the best to you in your new formation…I look forward to seeing your creation!
    with love,

  10. Elise said,

    Love you Cheryl, love you Zen Michele and Jen, I just know this is the beginning of a truly great thing here. Eeeee, how exciting!

  11. Sherri said,

    Wow! What great photo’s! I can’t wait to see you perform– congratulations!

  12. Marah said,

    I like it! I like it! What a great surprise and just as the new buds of spring are arriving. I can’t wait to be part of your blossoming. Thanks for coming together to bring us everlasting joy.

  13. Fleur said,

    How exciting!
    I can’t wait to see what you create.
    I know it will be beautiful

  14. Grace said,

    How lovely to watch you unfurl…

  15. Julie Vala said,

    You girls just warm my heart…..I am not surprised.
    Looking forward to seeing you dance together !
    Love to you,

  16. Laurie said,

    INDEED. What a magnificant bouquet! Best wishes and love in your new adventure.
    xo Laurie

  17. Beth Hemmila (HINT Jewelry Design) said,

    What a fabulous unfolding!

  18. Jennifer said,

    How lovely is that? You’re all so beautiful, and I can’t wait until the next performance. I think this is the start of something really special.

  19. cpike said,

    Wonderful to see you dancing in full form again, Jen. Hope to see you and Doug again soon.

  20. Magdalena said,

    What a terrific addition to an already amazing troupe. So glad I got to be at your

  21. Gina said,

    How happy I am that you all are dancing and performing together! I look forward to seeing your new creation bloom. Love you all!

  22. darshan said,

    Splendid! This should be a quirky and intelligent blend… And gorgeous of course!

  23. cpike said,

    I love your new content and pics. See you soon!

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