Jennifer Mayfield-Shafer

mw1_1686Jen possesses a quiet elegance and grace, but don’t be fooled. There’s a spark smoldering beneath that calm exterior. Full of energy she helps create the necessary enthusiasm for this endeavor. Very creative and seemingly always put-together, her partnership in this project is deeply valued. Besides, Jen’s just yummy to watch!

“What can I say? I love to dance and have so since I was a wee one. I grew up dancing…ballet, tap, jazz, modern, swing, tango, salsa and other ballroom dance styles. Somewhere in there, belly dance happened and in that happening, other forms of Folkloric and African styles were discovered and I couldn’t get enough. My love for belly dance primarily lies in Tribal Style.

With the inception of Origin, an evolutionary process…we thought it might be a good idea to incorporate all of our dance backgrounds into Tribal Belly Dance and see what we can create. And then the seed was planted, and it sprouted, and now it blooms. So, here you have it. Origin Dance. I am so thrilled to be dancing with these 3 ladies and all they have to offer our magnificent circle. I look forward to the beauty we create along our journey.” – Jen

Previous Performance Experience:
Origin – Present
Gypsy Caravan Dance Company 2004-2008
Sister Caravan 2002-2004
Caravan Daughters 2002-2002

Performances around the Globe: Seattle Folklife Festival, Portland’s Art in the Pearl, Portland East Meets West, Portland Rose Festival, Tribal Quest, Tribal Fest, Oregon Country Fair, Portland’s Gay Pride, Northern Migration Festival Buffalo NY, Southern Fusion Festival Atlanta, Tribal Revolution Chicago, Cues & Tattoos Seattle, Mediterranean Fantasy Festival Seattle, Belly Dancer of the Universe Los Angeles, “Bommeln, Burg und Bäuche” 7. Tribal-Treffen, Germany, Tribal Vibe England/Scotland, II Festival Internacional de la Danza in Spain, McMenamin’s Anniversary events, Library and cultural fund-raising events, weddings, birthdays, clubs, restaurants and cafes. 

Workshops taught around the Globe: OR, WA, CA, FL, NY, IL, GA, Canada, England, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, Spain.
Dance Instructor: Caravan Studio – 2004-2008
Featured in Gypsy Caravan’s instructional video series
Tribal Technique Volumes 7 & 8 and Tribal Travels Collage Documentary

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