Jen “Zen” Ziegler

mw1_18881Zen has a smooth gentleness when she moves, and an earthy, grounding quality about her, that tells you she is one with the dance and completely at peace when she is dancing. She is the quintessential Earth-Mama, embodying the goddess with each movement. If you want to see spirituality in action, watch her dance. Though watch it, beneath that Zen-like exterior, she’s on fire! Full of sass and a great sense of humor, she is a delight to create with.

“Origin is the place where I get to dance my way back into the cave. I remember ancient wisdom and celebrate the sacred women that have come before me. I have been a part of tribal belly dance for nearly 10 years.” – Zen

My performance experience includes: Caravan Daughters and Urban Berbers 2004-2008, and now, my newly formed troupe, Origin.

I was a dance instructor at Caravan Studio from 2006-2009. I also created and facilitated a workshop for all the women in my family late-winter 2009, talk about returning to the cave! It was a magical experience.

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