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If you are interested in booking Origin for an upcoming event or to inquire about studying bellydance, please contact us.





Photos by Mark Wheeler & Doug Shafer



  1. Jack said,


    I am wondering what your price and availability is for Saturday August 1st. Do you have a minimum? We’re having a wedding celebration and are hoping you’re available for the evening for one to two hours, around 6:00ish?

    Great website! Our friend Jana Dieter turned us on to you.


  2. Laurie said,

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL performance today at the Wallace Park Earth Day celebration!! Poised, graceful, strong, sumptuous, luscious, just down right gorgeous ladies dancing…I loved the line…loved how you all rotated through, interesting dynamics and music. Fun dancing duets…you all balance eachother’s energy. Cool Costumes…earthy and elegant.
    We loved it. Proud of all of you…stepping out, working it, working damn hard at it…and it shows.

    xo Lulu and Jon~o

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