Cheryl Brous

mw1_2304Cheryl is smooth like butter, no question. Expressive, yet calm; Subtle, yet sassy…a package you cannot wait to unwrap. Her comprehensive knowledge of dance and form is an integral part of what we create. Very reliable and says only what needs to be said, she brings a calm balance to our art. She is always right on and she never misses a beat!  Her knowledge of music and phrasing is dependable and she is a solid and balanced dancer. I am excited to be dancing with her again.

“Being in Origin is such a pleasure because I get to dance with women that I deeply respect and greatly admire. Who could ask for more?” – Cheryl

Performance experience includes: Urban Berbers from 2006-2009, PTB from 1998-2002, Convergence Dance Company from 1999-2003. Currently dancing with Origin and Gemini Project as well as guest dancing with Nine Ladies productions.

Dance Instructor at Caravan Studio from 2007-2009. Instructor of various dance forms in Philadelphia from 1998-2003.

Studied modern, ballet, jazz, hip hop, tribal bellydance, west African, and a little tap and hula! BA in dance from Hampshire College.

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