Who We Are

Origin – The beginning of something’s existence; the point from which someone starts or sets out, or the person or thing from which it is ultimately derived. The Source, The Root, The Inception. 

We are dancers trained in the art of belly dance, with firm Origins in Tribal Belly Dance. We layer our dance with other dance movement borrowing from ballet, jazz, modern and folkloric styles. 

Often described as strong, powerful, sensual, joyous, we can morph our dance to suit many occasions.

Zen, Michele, Cheryl, Jen

Zen, Michele, Cheryl, Jen

Come inside, seek your Origin.

Origin dancers are Jen Mayfield-Shafer, Jen Ziegler (Zen), Michele Gila, and   Cheryl Brous. We are a collective of skilled dancers who through consensus and mutual respect, collaboratively bring you our art.

Photo By Mark Wheeler & Doug Shafer